Environmental Policy

Suncoast Fabrication Pty Ltd is committed to responsible environmental management and believes that

potential environmental impacts of our business activities can be effectively managed.


To achieve this goal, Suncoast Fabrication Pty Ltd will fulfil the following objectives:

§  Provide and maintain a system based on AS/NZS 14001 and in compliance to relevant legislative requirements.

§  Managers and Supervisors shall provide leadership and support, and be accountable for implementation of health and safe work practices.

§  Promotion of responsible environmental management.

§  Informing all personnel of their environmental responsibilities through consultation, training and distribution of appropriate information.

§  Ensure hazards to the environment are identified, risk assessed and effectively controlled.

§  Controlling waste producing activities based on the principles of reduce, re-use, re-cycle and appropriate disposal.

§  Promotion of energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

§  Avoiding the pollution of land, water and air.

§  Avoiding disruption to sites of archaeological, historical and natural significance.

§  Protection of native flora and fauna.


Suncoast Fabrication Pty Ltd believes that the effective management of the environment is a shared responsibility between all personnel at all organisational levels and takes priority over all other operational considerations.

Continuous improvement shall be achieved by the ongoing development, maintenance and monitoring of the system.

   Mission Statement

Suncoast Fabrication’s mission is to provide a quality steel fabrication and erection service at a competitive price, whilst maintaining a safe work environment for all employees and subcontractors.


Suncoast Fabrication strives to provide effective customer service and considers achieving customer satisfaction as paramount.